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We’ve tried our best to make this website easy to use and as problem-free as possible. However nobody is perfect and so we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) for your convenience.

General queries:

When asked to log in I realise I have forgotten my password and log in details.

Click on the “forgotten your password/login information?” link under the “Log in” button and enter your email address in the subsequent page. Your login information will automatically be sent to your email address.

The text on the site is too small to read!

If you find that the text displayed on Sage Gateshead’s website is too small to read you may be able to increase the size to a more comfortable setting using your web browser. Follow the instructions below which cover the most popular web browsers: For Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Netscape: on the Internet Explorer menu bar select View (version 6) or Page (version 7) then point to Text Size. Select the text size that best suits your needs. For Opera: on the Opera menu bar select View Point to Zoom. Select an amount that best suits your needs. For Safari: on the Safari menu bar select View Point to Make Text Bigger. Repeat this step until text size best suits your needs.

Secure online buying:

The security of our patrons’ details when buying online is naturally of great importance to us. We want all of our patrons to feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge their personal details are being protected with the best online security at all times. To this end we have used one of the biggest and best known online payment providers, Equifax, to handle all of our online transactions over a secured link using high-grade 128-bit encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to steal your details whilst booking on our website. You can confirm for yourself that your details are secured by looking for ‘https://’ in the address bar, and for a padlock or key symbol either near the address bar, or at the bottom of the browser window (the position of this symbol varies according to browser).

Every time I try to log in the website tells me my login has failed.

Check your details again and make sure you are using the correct login details. If the problem continues you may still be using the wrong details; you can confirm this by following the procedure detailed in Question 1 on this page. If you continue to experience problems then please click here.

When I tried to register to buy tickets it says I already have an account.

The likely reason for this message is that there is an existing account with your email address allocated to it, so our system prevents a duplicate account being created. If you have forgotten or lost your original details please click on the “forgotten your password/login information?” link under the “Log in” button. However, if the site is telling you that the username you have chosen is already allocated to an account this means that you need to choose a different username; your username must be unique to your account otherwise it would be possible for two customers to have the same username and password. If you continue to experience problems, please click here.

I access your site but all of the pages are displayed top to bottom in a linear fashion and without any obvious structure, what’s going on?

It is possible that you may be using an older (and now unsupported) web browser that is incapable of correctly displaying our web pages as we intended. Please see the technical information at the bottom of this page for more details.

I saw an event advertised on an artist’s website but the event is not in your listings; why not?

We try our best to add upcoming events to our website as soon as we possibly can. However, circumstances beyond our control can prevent us from doing so. In all cases we will not add an event to our listings until the artist has been confirmed and all appropriate legal documentation completed. Unfortunately we are unable to prevent promoters and artists advertising their events before the required formalities are completed, and so we ask that you bear with us in these cases.

I’m looking for a specific web page but can’t remember where it is located, can you help?

We provide a comprehensive site map that lists all of our pages in their appropriate section. Simply click the “Site map” link at the top of any page of the site to view it.

How can I get in touch with a department or individual at Sage Gateshead?

Please visit the Contact us page for more details.

When I try and book tickets it says that my session has timed out.

You are given a certain amount of time to buy tickets and when this time has run out your session is cancelled. We do this so that tickets are not reserved for an unlimited amount of time whilst the user is logged in.

I have special access requirements, how do I book online?

So that you get the best customer service we ask that you contact Sage Gateshead’s Ticket Office on +44 (0)191 443 4661 and explain your requirements. Explaining these requirements online does not guarantee your requests will be fulfilled to the best of our ability.

How do I amend my account details?

You can amend all your details online by logging into your account and clicking ‘Edit Account Details’.

Where are the seating plans for Sage Gateshead?

You can now choose your own seats when booking online. Select the event you want to book tickets for and then click on the seating area you prefer from the plan. That plan takes you to a detailed layout of the Hall and you can then click to select your seats, add those to the shopping basket and so on. If you select a level or price area and then the detailed layout shows that the only seats available are not those you would like best you can go back to the plan by clicking the tab at the top of the screen Choose Level and repeating the process for a different Level in the Hall. A detailed plan of Sage One is also situated here.

The appearance of the website has changed, what’s happened?

Sage Gateshead is a fluid and dynamic organisation and this means our website must change frequently to offer visitors the most topical information possible.

If you find you are viewing an outdated version of our web page it may be because the page residing on your computer (in an area called the cache, maintained by your web browser) has been left after a previous visit to the site. Many modern browsers use the cache to speed up the showing of a web page only using the version from the WWW when the browser detects that the original page has changed. Sometimes this process fails and the outdated page is shown instead of the new version from the WWW.

You can update the cache yourself quite simply to check if this is the case. Go to the page you think needs updating and press the F5 button (Windows and Mac) on the keyboard, or press the same button whilst holding the Control (Ctrl) key (Windows) or the Apple key (Mac). If the problem persists it may be caused by an issue with your Internet Service Provider or if you are having this difficulty within a local area network please contact your network administrator.