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SummerTyne 2017: An interview with Jo Harman

Posted on 26 July 2017

Review and interview carried out by Peter Mann BSc

Peter Mann BSc caught up with the wonderful Jo Harman after her SummerTyne double bill with powerhouse vocalists Lisa Mills in Sage Two on Sunday afternoon.

There was certainly No Dirt On My Tongue at this year’s SummerTyne Americana Festival as Jo Harman ensured even performance director Tamsin Austin left with tears in her eyes.

Ms Harman, who was making her maiden appearance at the SummerTyne (supported by Lisa Mills) had only played Tyneside on two prior occasions but with her music being portrayed even beyond her own tender years, you’d think she’d been about for some time.

Photogrpahy by Adam Kenndy

A second album was released earlier this year whilst at the home of country music, in Nashville, Tennessee, and was released under the title People We Become.

Speaking after her closing day performance at the 2017 SummerTyne Festival she said: My music spans a wide range of genres and differing variety of music.

I write what I enjoy and it’s just what I love doing.

When I started performing professionally, in my early to mid-twenties, I adored the likes of Aretha Franklin and soul music whilst also completing a drama degree at university.

My first album was done with Mike Davies and on a shoe-string budget and I’m really proud of it whilst the second was done over in Nashville – I’ve had a crazy but brilliant few years.

With her second album being well received from the off, Jo stating It as being a moment in time, her music continues to make delicate waves.

In performing this year’s SummerTyne Festival it was a special occasion for Jo, even the rain couldn’t dampen her glistening spirits adding: I loved it and had a truly amazing time performing at what is a glorious venue.

I’d just got back from the South of France so the weather in the north-east was a welcome, cooling change from the heat we had over there.

Photography by Adam Kennedy

As for Tamsin, ‘Ms SummerTyne’ letting out what was months of pure emotion and exhaustion backstage after Jo’s set. I’d just gone backstage after my performance and she (Tamsin) comes over, hugging me, with tears running down her face saying that it was emotional, amazing finished Jo.

She’s a truly lovely woman and did an amazing job with what is a great festival.

Jo was interviewed at the SummerTyne Americana Festival 2017 and you can follow her progress via her social media: