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Music in the Workplace

In addition to the classes and groups that we run within Sage Gateshead and in the region, we are able to provide one-off and ongoing activities for organisations.

Everyone knows that singing makes you feel happy and gives you a sense of wellbeing. Research has also linked singing with a lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure and reduced stress.

Singing requires no prior knowledge or skills, no special equipment, making it the ideal activity to take place in the workplace.

We can help you offer your entire workforce the opportunity to reap the rewards of regular group singing. In only one hour a week, it is possible for people from different teams to develop a sense of community and understanding while discovering the health benefits and joy which comes with singing.

We can also create other regular musical opportunities for your teams, including ukulele bands, tin whistle orchestras and group instrumental lessons.

We are also more than happy to help you explore any suggestions you may have.

For more information about our full range of Music in the Workplace opportunities please email

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